Yu yoyo

Born in 1990, Sichuanese poet Yu Yoyo had already begun to earn critical attention before she turned sixteen, publishing dozens of poems in Poetry, Poetry Monthly and other prestigious publications in China. Her poems have been translated into English, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, French etc. She studied business management and accounting in university, but never gave up on her long-standing passion for poetry and finally embraced her life’s calling upon graduation. She is now seen as a representative voice among the post-90’s generation, especially known for her mature voice and subtle treatment of modern femininity. She has two collections published in China Seven Years (2012),Me as Bait (2016),Wind Can’t (2019),Against Body (2019). IN 2019 the PTC published her first English collection My Tenantless Body with translations by Dave Haysom and the award-winning UK poet A K Blakemore. She currently lives in Chengdu. Chinese poetess Zhai Yongming said that with a sense of fortitude, Yoyo's poems was wild and intractable, like sharp fingernail scratches, yet in good command of emotion and rhythm. Undoubtedly, Yoyo will have a bright future in writing.

余 幼幼

1990年12月22日生于四川,2004年开始诗歌创作。出版诗集《7年》《我为诱饵》《不能的人》《半个人》《擦身Against The Body》《My Tenantless body》(英国出版)。诗歌被翻译为英语、韩语、俄语、法语、日语、瑞典语。


作品散见于《诗刊》《星星》《今天》《天南》《汉诗》《诗歌EMS》等刊物,入选《中国新诗年鉴》《中国最佳诗歌》,美国《story scape》杂志、英汉双语杂志《sptitto》《瑞典诗刊》日本杂志《诗与思想》等国内外重要杂志和选本。







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